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When a new childcare software / Daycare App (or any software for that matter) makes its entry into an organisation, it often comes wrapped in a colourful cellophane of excitement and anticipation for the management. The prospective rewards of increased efficiency, boost to sales and revenue, as well as quicker, better decision-making that the software would bring should end up outweighing any perceived difficulties in adoption among the staff. But are these perks big enough to convince the staff to welcome the new technology with open arms? Not necessarily.  Resistance to change and fear of technology among the employees are the biggest challenges organizations face when attempting a digital transformation. Here are some tips on how to convince everyone at your childcare setting and encourage rapid adoption.  

Choose the right technology

Technology is not everyone’s forte. The fear of ‘making a mistake and messing things up’ because they are not tech-savvy enough is often the reason many employees prefer to get things done the hard way rather than get pushed into trying out a new technology. So, when choosing a new childcare software, it’s important to make sure user-friendliness is as important a criterion of selection as functionality. While long-winded user manuals and extensive training requirements might add fuel to their hesitation, easy-to-use systems with intelligent, smart interfaces can help dispel their fears quickly and make them more confident in their skills. Making use of a free trial of the software beforehand and getting a few staff to pilot it and gathering feedback can help in narrowing down a suitable software.  

Seek the help of a few happy peers

Once you have done a trial of the software and gathered feedback, try to identify a few influencers who are happy and comfortable in using the software or choose people who would be using the software most frequently. It would be helpful to get them to share their experience in using the new software and lend a helping hand to those who might be struggling with it.  

Dispel the myth that the technology might take their place

The fear that the introduction of a new software could be a potential threat to their job is another reason for resistance among staff members. Try to dispel their fears by talking to them and letting them know the new technology will be a tool to help make their jobs easier. Explain the benefits the new technology can bring to the organization and to them as an employee. For instance, you could highlight how the new software can help with lessening their burden of admin and paperwork and make their life easier.  

Integrate the childcare software into your organisation’s routine

Embedding the new system into your organisation’s routine without delay will also help to send the employees the cue that your organisation is moving on from the old way of working and setting up a new routine. Giving the employees tasks to perform using the new system will also gradually help them realise how much easier it is to get things done using the system rather than manually. Encouraging rapid adoption among employees is integral to the success of a new technology. If you have any other useful tips that you have tried out and has worked for you, do share it with us.



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