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With Easter just around the corner, here is a roundup of some super cute Easter craft and activity ideas the kids are sure to love.

1. Easter Egg Unicorns

These incredibly cute sleepy-eyed unicorns from little inspiration is a must-try for all the unicorn fans out there.

Things you will need:


Spring flowers


Gold twine

Gold fabric

Hot glue

Permanent marker

How to go about it:

Make tiny horns out of felt. Hot glue them and stuff with a small bit of felt. Cover with gold fabric and glue the edges. Stick a gold twine to the top of the horn and wind it around the horn. Hot glue the horn to the egg and glue the flowers around the horn. Draw on sleepy eyes with a permanent marker.

2.Woodland Animal Easter Eggs

These adorable woodland animal Easter eggs from Martha Stewart is another treat for all the craft lovers.

Things you will need:

Hard boiled eggs/ foam eggs

Paint (brown, black, reddish-orange, light blue)



Construction paper – white, black, yellow, light pink

Wicker basket

Shredded green tissue/ moss

How to go about it:

Apply three coats of paint on each egg to make brown, black, reddish-orange and brown eggs. Keep them aside to dry. Cut out the following from craft-paper for the facial features of the different animals:


Nose from black paper and teeth from white paper


Nose and ears from pink paper


Two petal shapes from white paper and a nose from black paper

Glue the details on to the coloured eggs and draw on the eyes and whiskers with a felt-tip pen. Fill a small wicker basket with some green foam, tissue strips or moss and arrange the egg-animals. Ask the children to throw in a few craft-paper paper toad-stools and acorns or any other little additions to give their individual baskets a twist.

3. Easter Carrot Collage

Have the kids make carrots for the visiting Easter bunny. Heavy paper, scissors, orange paper, a marker, glue, orange tissue paper, and some green grass are the materials you need for this craft. To make this, use the marker to draw a carrot on the paper. Cut the orange paper into long strips and give the kids to shred.

Cut out the tissue paper into tiny squares. Add the glue to the carrot drawing. Stick the tissue paper squares and shredded paper to the glue until it covers the carrot drawing. Add glue to the top and stick the grass on it. Finally, cut out the carrot from the paper.

4. Easter Egg Window Art

As the very name suggests, this is a simple yet fun idea from simpleplayideas. The things you will need are - scissors, craft foam, and water in a shallow container. Cut the craft foam into egg shapes and any other decorative shapes to decorate the eggs with. Dampen one side of the egg in water and stick it on the window. Finish by dampening the decorative shapes in water and sticking them on the eggs.

5. Cotton Ball Rabbit

Guide the children in making their own Easter Bunny. This craft requires scissors, a heavy white paper sheet, glue and cotton balls. Cut the white paper into a bunny shape. Add a layer of adhesive to the bunny and stick the cotton balls on it. Ensure that the cotton balls cover the paper.

6. Bunny-Ear Hat

This bunny-ear hat from netmums is ready in minutes. Start by drawing bunny ear shapes in the middle of a paper plate. Use a pink pen to colour the inside of the ears. Then cut out the ears carefully from the plate's inner rim with scissors. Ensure that the bottom of the cut out ears are still attached to the paper plate. Finish by making the ears stand by folding them out.

7. Easter Egg Decorating with Q-Tip

This is a super simple craft for the younger ones in the group. The things you will need are - scissors, white card, edible paint and Q-tips. Use the scissors to cut the card into egg shapes. Then leave the card, paint, and Q-tips for the little ones to decorate. Take a backseat as the kids unleash their inner Picasso.

8. Thumbprint Easter Card

How about a card to commemorate Easter? This simple creative idea is quick and colourful. You need folded paper sheets and washable ink pads with fun colours. Simply draw a handbasket on the papers. Now tell the kids to use their thumbs and add colourful "eggs" into the baskets.

9. Easter Cloud Dough

Send the kids on a wild egg chase with this creative Easter craft idea. To make this, add 1 cup of olive or vegetable oil, 8 cups of plain flour, and some drops of lavender oil to a large bowl. Mix thoroughly until it is smooth and can be formed into a shape. Transfer the dough to a tray or box. Hide plastic eggs in the dough and ask the kids to look for them.

10. Chalkboard Easter Egg

This is an egg-painting craft without the mess that comes with using real eggs. Simply get coloured chalkboard chalk, egg-shaped rocks, and rust-coloured chalkboard paint. Coat the stones with the paint. Leave them out to dry. Add on designs with the coloured chalk.


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