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As businesses across the globe embark on a paperless revolution, nurseries and childcare centres are also joining in, with affordable cloud-based software coming to their aid. Smart digital attendance registers are gradually taking the place of dusty piles of paper sign-in-out sheets that stay helplessly stacked up in nursery offices, awaiting the nod of compliance officials.

Apart from being easy to use, digital attendance registers offer an array of benefits.

  1. Paperless Daily Sheets

The best part about digital registers is - quite obviously, the elimination of the daily (paper) sign-in/out sheets from the picture. Daily registers are automatically generated by the software based on the sessions booked in for each child on the nursery calendar, and the registers can be accessed on tablets, desktops and even wide-screen smartphones.

The digital sign in-out also allows you to save your daily reports securely in the cloud in line with compliance requirements, complete with the parents’ signature and time of drop-off/pick-up. So, if you run your childcare centre from a community hall or a shared building, and finding space to safely stack up all your necessary paperwork plus burgeoning piles of daily attendance sheets (for the compliance team) is a nightmare, digital registers can make your life a lot easier.

Childrens Sign In-out for Nurseries and Out of School Clubs

  1. Easy report generation

If pulling out the attendance reports for a particular week or a month had you juggling with piles of folders and excel sheets earlier, digital registers simplify the entire process with filters that do the job in a jiffy. Cheqdin, for instance, allows a wide range of additional filters and sort options based on first names, surnames, date of births, date of joining etc. Moreover, there is also the option to download the reports in PDF or Excel if required.


  1. Keeps parents in the know

Returning to work, leaving a teary-eyed baby in childcare is one of the hardest decisions many new parents are forced to make. As the parents' reel under the pressure of work, commute and the efforts to establish a new routine; little things like a mobile notification from the nursery to let them know their partner/childminder has safely dropped off their little one can help put their minds a bit more at ease. With Cheqdin’s digital attendance solutions, nurseries can automatically send real-time push notifications to parents/carers as and when the child is signed-in or signed out.

Digital Attendance | Sign In-Out Notifications for Parents

  1. Clock staff attendance for payroll

Digital attendance registers also serve the dual role of a staff time clock as well. It allows childcare providers the flexibility to monitor staff attendance remotely and to track staff’s payroll hours, making bookkeeping and payroll management less of an uphill climb.

Cheqdin’s digital attendance for nurseries offers a wide range of additional features such as ad-hoc booking management, daily journals and more in affordable packages to suit the requirements of different childcare settings.


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